Cottonwoods Resort SUP Amendment

Project Summary

In September 2012, Cottonwoods Resort filed an application for a Special Use Permit amendment to redevelop the Cottonwoods Resort located at 6160 North Scottsdale Road.  The Council adopted a Statement of Direction and forwarded the Application to the Planning Commission in July 2013.  On May 22, 2014, the Town Council held a public hearing and approved a Special Use Permit amendment which included the following elements:
  • Maintain the existing key count at 171 units and allow an increase to a maximum of 201 units. The 30 additional keys will be made possible through the renovation/reconfiguration of the 30 existing “Phoenix” suites . 
  • Additional parking (29 spaces) 
  • New 10,000 square foot maximum structure to house restaurant, lounge, lobby, check-in, spa/fitness facility, and various back of house activities.
In December 2014, Cottonwoods Resort filed an application for a Managerial Amendment to the Special Use Permit.  This request was granted approval in January 2015 and included the following elements:
  • Replacement of the approved permanent tent with a permanent structure
  • Relocation of the spa to a separate building
  • Additional meeting rooms
  • Demolition of various existing buildings